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Safetysafety at foam pit hire

Here at Foam Pit Hire we take safety very seriously.  As a reputable and professional company, specialising in foam parties and UV parties in the UK, we have implemented many regulations that safety officers and, environmental health agencies enforce all over the country.  We want to ensure that you and your guest have a great but safe night.

We have the following PDF documents:
• Risk Assessment – Bubble
• Risk Assessment – Foam
                                                 • Risk Assessment – Ice Rink
                                                • Risk Assessment – Snow
                                                • COSHH report FF fluid

We can also supply risk assessments for our other products.  Please contact us for more information if the risk assessment you require is not listed

As standard at every event, we supply the following:
• A3 information signs placed around the building and entrance
• Slippery floor safety signs
• Full onsite risk assessment
• £5 million pound public liability and product liability insurance
• P.A.T. test certificate (tested every 6 months for all of our equipment)
• De-foaming spray for areas where foam is not required.


  • General Rules at foam:
    • No Glass or sharps to be used in the area being used for any of our events.
    • Barriers to be used to keep customers away from our equipment.
    • Signs to be displayed around the venue.
    • Adequate Security or stewards to provide crowed safety.
    • Fresh clean water or eye solution to be given freely to people who have foam in their eyes
  • No climbing, bouncing off the side walls or running are allowed in the foam pit.

You are responsible for the safety of your customers at all times. If the company you book is not insured nor have appropriate test certificates for their equipment the risk of public liability will fall back to you!

Damages caused to our equipment through incorrect use of the equipment, will be the responsibility of the hirer.  Cost for repair/replacement will be payable by the hirer.

If you have any other question or wish to contact us please click here

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