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Glow Party/UV Glow Party

Glow Party/UV Glow Party

Go ahead and create your very own vibrant and colourful Glow Party/UV Glow Party any time, any where.  A UV Glow Party adds a cool, playful effect to your party and WOW’s your guests.

We have provided our Glow parties/UV Glow Parties to a wide audience from, Charity events, Children’s birthday parties, adult birthday parties, nightclubs, under 18’s, universities, youth centre’s, schools, carnivals, fetes, ice rinks, weddings and much more all across the UK.  A great party idea to make your event memorable.

Glow Parties/UV Glow Parties are great for all kinds of events and people of all ages, so glow with the flow.

We provide two packages but we can tailor suit if our packages do not meet your needs, just give us a call.

Here at Foam Pit Hire we provide you with our UV lighting, disco lights, 2 x 1000 watt PA system with the latest music or you can provide your own via a USB or Ipod.  We can even take care of our invitations, sent via email for you  to print.  The equipment list comes as standard with both packages below.

Basic Glow Party

In addition to the above are basic package comes with….

  • 10 UV Face and Body Paints
  • 25 Bracelets
  • 10 Pendants

Ultimate Glow Party UV accessories Glow Party

UV accessories – Glow Party

  • 50 Bracelets
  • 25 Pendants
  • 15 UV Face and Body Paints
  • 10 Bunny ears
  • 10 glow glasses

At an extra cost, the above items can be increased an/or you can add the following to your Glow Party.

  • Glow Earrings
  • Glow stick caps
  • UV lipstick
  • UV Hair streak
  • UV Fabric Paint

We can also supply you with UV decor.

You can turn your Glow Party/UV Glow Party into a  UV paint party, UV foam party, UV bubble party, UV Snow party, UV Gunge Tank Hire, Foam Party or add a Rodeo bull, Photo Booth or a Selfi Pod

All events are covered by our 5 million public liability insurance.  All of our staff are fully trained and DBS checked. We will attend your event to operator the machines and over see your event throughout.

SAFETYFull risk assessments will be completed and COSHH reports for products used will be given.

We use a reputable supplier for all our of equipment and supplies so you can rest assure your get the best on the market.

We appreciate you have wide choice of companies to choose from.  Which is why we go above and beyond our competitors to provide the very best hire equipment and experience.

Please call us on 07960 754300 for a quote as we tailor packages to suit your needs.  There is no event too big or too small and we can accommodate your needs.


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Inflatable Foam Pit Parties

Indoor & Outdoor Inflatable Foam Pit for Hire.

Throw one of the best parties for your upcoming event, an inflatable foam pit party.

Suitable for all and for all occasions.

We can supply an Inflatable Foam Pit measuring 5m x 5m or 8m x 8m for both indoor and outdoor hire. Our Inflatable Foam Pits are made from the same material as bouncy castles, making them very safe and manageable.  Just like a bouncy castle our Inflatable Foam Pits are suitable for indoor and outside use, for children’s birthday parties, adult birthday parties, nightclubs, universities, youth centres fetes, fairs and much more.  All of our Inflatable Foam Pits come with high walls and a built in floor containing the majority of the foam. The Inflatable Foam Pit was designed to keep floor areas dry. An Inflatable Foam Pit can be set up in the corner of your venue, so that only the people who want to participate get foamed.

Foam parties can work for all ages. You can adjust the amount of foam that’s filling the foam pit to meet the needs of your guestsFrom frozen themed birthday parties in Dartford or a freshers night in Canterbury, we can cater for you.

We can supply you with Europe’s largest foam cannon, a Universal Effects 500 Jet Foam Cannon for those larger event being held in Arenas, ice rinks and clubs for your foam pit parties.  We also have a strong cannon for the smaller events, Children’s birthday parties, Adult birthday parties, Nightclubs, Under 18’s, Universities, Youth Centres, Schools, and Carnivals, if you require just a foam cannon, please click here

For events requiring dry foam we have a Master Blaster, producing a massive amount of soft dry fluffy foam that is blown 8 to 10 meters from the machine.

Along with your inflatable foam pit and foam canon we supply you with inflatables for the pit.

We can supply further equipment to turn your foam party to a foam disco where we supply a 1000 watt speaker system or even a UV foam party.  Our main emphasis is on a fun safe environment for all guests.

foam pits, foam pit, foam party pit, inflatable foam pit, bubble party pit

Foam Pit full of bubbles

Our standard foam parties usually run for 4 hours, an hour for set up and pack down and 3 hour use of our equipment.  All events will come with a DBS checked operator who will remain with you throughout your event.

SAFETY:  Risk assessments and COSHH reports are provided for all events.  We have £5 million pound product and public liability insurance cover and proof will be provided on request.  For the do’s and don’ts of our inflatable foam pit use, please click here.

A clean – up services is available, please ask for more details when enquiring.  We can leave your venue like we have never been there.

For your outdoor Inflatable Foam Pit parties we are able to provide a spider cover to protect you and your guest from both sun and rain, please call for availability.

If you require less or more hours please call us for a quote as we tailor packages to suit your needs.

We have provided our foam parties to a wide audience from, Children’s birthday parties, adult birthday parties, nightclubs, under 18’s, universities, youth centre’s, schools, carnivals  ice rinks, weddings and much more.

Inflatable Foam Pit parties are great for all kinds of events and people of all ages.

Besides Foam Pits – we also supply mega snow cannons.  Click here to find out more.

We cover the whole of the UK & are fully insured. Call 07960 754300


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UV Paint Party

UV paint party

Whether you choose a UV foam party or a UV paint party, they are taking the UK by storm from across the pond.

Foam Pit Hire can take care of all your UV paint party needs, from lightening to UV accessories and UV décor.

Using up to 6 of the brightest UV paints, Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, White, Yellow , we will cover your crowd as you watch them go crazy with UV madness.

UV paint party

We use controlled paint spraying to ensure you’re happy with the paint direction and coverage but still have the capability of projecting extreme amounts of paint. Our machines have the capabilities of projecting large amounts of paint up to 15 meters in mid-air.   We also use pump and spray guns for those up close and personal who are looking for the extreme.  We use a bio degradable water based UV paint that can easily be cleaned up after any event.

A UV paint party works well with our UV bubble machines.

So if you’re looking to take your event to the next level give us a call for a quote.


UV paint party at Nottingham Ice Centre

What to wear to a UV paint party

You are going to get wet so keep any clothing light and tight fitting.  The following is some general advice and ideas of what to wear to look your best:

Girls – You may want to leave your heels at home, a UV paint party normal ends up with slippery floors and opt for water proof make up.  Skirts, hot pants, shorts and tops.  Just remember if wearing white you will get wet and everyone knows, white when wet turns see through

Boys – Shorts, t-shirts are advisable but most things go.  Get as creative as you like, from suits, to costume and some in just swim wear we’ve seen it all

UV accessories brighten up any outfit.

For all – whatever you wear just remember to have fun

It’s always a good idea to take a dry clothes with you for your journey home


SAFETYRisk assessments and COSHH reports are provided for all events.  We have £5 million pound product and public liability insurance cover and proof will be provided on request.


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