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UV Paint Party

UV paint party

Whether you choose a UV foam party or a UV paint party, they are taking the UK by storm from across the pond.

Foam Pit Hire can take care of all your UV paint party needs, from lightening to UV accessories and UV décor.

Using up to 6 of the brightest UV paints, Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, White, Yellow , we will cover your crowd as you watch them go crazy with UV madness.

UV paint party

We use controlled paint spraying to ensure you’re happy with the paint direction and coverage but still have the capability of projecting extreme amounts of paint. Our machines have the capabilities of projecting large amounts of paint up to 15 meters in mid-air.   We also use pump and spray guns for those up close and personal who are looking for the extreme.  We use a bio degradable water based UV paint that can easily be cleaned up after any event.

A UV paint party works well with our UV bubble machines.

So if you’re looking to take your event to the next level give us a call for a quote.


UV paint party at Nottingham Ice Centre

What to wear to a UV paint party

You are going to get wet so keep any clothing light and tight fitting.  The following is some general advice and ideas of what to wear to look your best:

Girls – You may want to leave your heels at home, a UV paint party normal ends up with slippery floors and opt for water proof make up.  Skirts, hot pants, shorts and tops.  Just remember if wearing white you will get wet and everyone knows, white when wet turns see through

Boys – Shorts, t-shirts are advisable but most things go.  Get as creative as you like, from suits, to costume and some in just swim wear we’ve seen it all

UV accessories brighten up any outfit.

For all – whatever you wear just remember to have fun

It’s always a good idea to take a dry clothes with you for your journey home


SAFETYRisk assessments and COSHH reports are provided for all events.  We have £5 million pound product and public liability insurance cover and proof will be provided on request.


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UV Bubble party

UV Bubble Party

UV bubble party, are one of our most popular parties and are in high demand.  There is something infectious about bubbles, both young and old alike will be delighted.  UV bubble parties provide a breath-taking spectacle as thousands of bubbles transcend around the venue. uv bubble party example

UV bubble party in Scotland

We use professional grade of ready-to-use bubble fluid that produces millions of beautiful, glowing, iridescent, longer lasting bubbles. for your bubble party.  Especially formulated for bubble machines, it has minimal residue on bursting, meaning this is the ‘driest’ bubble juice that you’ll ever find. You’ll also find that ts special formula provides way more bubbles than other solutions while reducing the hazard of slippery floors and surfaces.  We will add colorful bubble fluid purchased from Paintglow, available in 6 vibrant colour’s, Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, White, Yellow,  the choice for your bubble party is yours.  Upon booking, please advice us of the colours you would like.

Our UV bubble party is best for indoor events, suitable for private parties, children’s parties, adult parties, corporate events and nightclubs, adaptable for small and large venues. All of our equipment is professionally supplied.

UV bubbles work well alongside a UV paint party.

All of our equipment is professionally supplied.  We run three professional bubble machines alongside our UV lightening.  A UV Bubble Party is guaranteed to attract more customers to your venue.

We will transform any standard bubble party to a UV bubble party, your guest or customer will be dancing and colorful bubbles will be popping paint over the body creating a colour burst of dots and speckles on the skin. The effect under UV lights looks crazy the bubbles glow intensely.

We can also turn your UV bubble party scented.  With a wide selection of scents we can cater for favoured smells.

All events will come with a DBS checked operator who will remain with you throughout your event.

SAFETYA risk assessment for your UV bubble party and COSHH report will be given upon booking.

Please call us for your tailored made packages.

We cover events across the UK and beyond.

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